Lyu’s Story: Witness to Prom Night Harassment

I was waiting for the bus with my boyfriend and my roommate the other evening, and there were lots of teenagers in formal-wear coming in and out of restaurants and the parking garage, as it was prom night. On the bench a few feet in front of us sat two men who were clearly over the age of 50. Every time a 16 or 17 year old girl walked past towards the parking garage, the fogies craned themselves around to stare shamelessly at their obviously underage a**es, mumbling to each other in a perverted tone. I didn’t keep my voice down when I called them pedophiles multiple times, but they may as well have not heard me. …Well, they were old.

Know what else kills me inside? Even if I’d filmed them, they still wouldn’t end up on a sexual offender/predator list. According to our laws, they did no wrong.