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Murder of 20-year-old student sparks protests, social media campaign among Turkish women

**Trigger warning for descriptions of violence** Women in Turkey are protesting and sharing their stories of sexual harassment on Twitter following the attempted rape and murder of a 20-year-old student. The family of Ozgecan Aslan, a student at Cag University in the southern province of Mersin, contacted police after she went missing on Wednesday. Her body … Continued

How NOT to be a Harasser

An oldie but a goodie (and just in time for Valentine’s Day), Holly Kearl discusses how NOT to be  a harasser when approaching someone in a public space: While perhaps obvious, the most important factor is treating the person with respect. Do not use insults or sexually objectifying language. A hello, smile or gender-neutral small talk … Continued

Another great piece on running and street harassment

Women runners experience quite a bit of harassment, particularly in the summer. We’ve written before about a woman who quit running because of the street harassment she experienced, and we’ve shared stories from people who have been harassed while running in the Twin Cities. Katie Prout offers another perspective on running and harassment over at the … Continued

Cool New Project: #WhatmySHSaid

A recent GirlsSpeak piece features another great street harassment project, where women submit photos of the words their harasser said to them. California teen Chloe Parker came up with an idea to help combat the problem of street harassment. On her Instagram, @rebel.grrrl, women from all over the world submit pictures of themselves holding up a piece of paper. The words … Continued

Street Harassment Was a Hot Topic in 2014

Bethonie Butler of The Washington Post writes about how street harassment was a hot topic in 2014: In October, Hollaback made headlines with a video called “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman.” That video, produced by Rob Bliss, who owns a viral video marketing agency, has received more than 38 million views on YouTube. The video was criticized … Continued

Responding to Street Harassment

Stop Street Harassment’s Holly Kearl and self-defense guru Lauren R. Taylor have written a blog post for Ms. Magazine discussing how to respond to street harassment. They talk about recent incidents of street harassment that have resulted in violence for those being harassed and/or bystanders. They offer three strategies for responding to harassment: 1. Talk directly to the … Continued

Great Blog Post from Hollaback! Baltimore Co-Director

Mel Keller, co-director at Hollaback! Baltimore, wrote a great piece for their blog about her experience being a woman of color and Hollaback! leader in light of the viral street harassment video and reactions to it. Cross-posted from Hollaback! Bmore. On Being a Woman of Color Leader in Hollaback & the Viral Video: A Note from … Continued

Street harassment made this woman quit running

Research shows that about two-thirds of women in the U.S. have experienced street harassment of some kind. And many people who experience harassment change their behavior in some way to lessen the chance of it occurring again. One woman writes about her love of running – and how constant street harassment caused her to stop. I don’t want … Continued